Grell & Watson tracks the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  and the Copyright Office for news.  Please find their most recent update below.

The USPTO amended its rules regarding petitions to revive an abandoned trademark application and petitions to the Director of the USPTO regarding other trademark matters and to codify USPTO practice regarding requests for reinstatement of abandoned trademark applications and cancelled or expired trademark registrations.  Read more here.

Link to the Trademark Exam Guide 03-17 on Surname Combined with Wording.

Link to the Trademark Exam Guide 04-17 on Summary of “Revival of Abandoned Applications, Reinstatement of Abandoned Applications and Cancelled or Expired Registrations, and Petitions to the Director.

Link to the Trademark Exam Guide 02-17 on Merely Information Matter.

The United States Copyright Office is proposing to amend the regulations governing the deposit requirements for certain types of literary works and musical instruments.  Read more here.

The United States Copyright Office provided a proposed schedulde and analysis of copyright recordation fees to go into effect on or about December 18, 2017.  Link


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