Invention Confidentiality Agreement (Inventor NDA Agreement)

What is an Inventor NDA Agreement?

Inventor NDA

Accordingly, an Inventor NDA agreement is a contract you can use to be signed by you and any third party to protect and prevent the disclosure of your invention. Moreover, disclosure to anyone other than the third party.  Accordingly, the third party may be a potential customer, prototype maker, manufacture, potential licensee, an investor or the like.  Furthermore, unique to the Inventor NDA agreement is a clause that requires the third party to assign any improvements made by the third party to your invention to you the inventor.


Invention Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA form) is a digital download of easy to follow NDA agreement documents including a confidentiality agreement, invention help information & inventor help instructions. Also, an actual NDA Agreement, and your own ready to use NDA Form. Also to protect the disclosure of your new idea invention, information, description and drawings (confidential information) to a third person.

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