Segmented Prism Element and Associated Methods for Manifold Fiberoptic Switches

A fiber optic switch utilizing a segmented prism element, comprising a fiber optic switch used in multi-channel optical communications networks and having one or more arrays of micro electromechanical system (MEMS) mirrors, wherein at least a first array of MEMS mirrors is utilized to select & switch wavelengths from a number of input fiber ports (N) to an output fiber port, wherein at least a second array of MEMS mirrors using and sharing the same free space optics as the first MEMS array is utilized to produce yet another fiber optic switch, wherein the second switch is utilized to select individual wavelengths or spectral components from its input fiber ports to send to its output fiber port for optical power or other monitoring purposes, thus, enabling a cost effective, high level of integration N.times.1 or alternatively a 1.times.N switch capable of internal feedback monitoring.