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How to Trademark Logo, Trademark a Name or Trademark Business Name

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What Is A Trademark?

Federal Trademarks:

  •  A trademark is a form of protection used to brand or promote a product being offered in the market place in the form of a word, name, phrase, tag-line (Standard Text Characters) or symbol, graphic, color (Stylized and/or Design) or a combination of both. Moreover, trademarks are used to identify and distinguish the products and services of one seller from those of others. In addition, to indicate the source of the product or services.
  • A Federal trademark is filed with the USPTO and provides protection in all 50 states. Moreover, to file for a federal trademark application the owner must be currently using or intending to use the mark in commerce (marketing & selling) across state lines (in more than one state).

Where do you file a state trademark? Secretary of State Office.

How do you obtain a Common Law trademark? You can obtain common law trade mark rights based on use of the mark. What is the scope of a common law trade mark? Moreover, scope is limited to the geographic area in which the mark is actually used or in areas it may naturally expand.

How To Select A Great Trademark a Name (Trademark your Brand)

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First steps in selecting a trademark for your product or service.

1- List all descriptive words and synonyms that describe your product or service

2- Use the following rules to create a unique mark to identify your product or service

a) Cut & combine – i.e., Microcomputer & Software were cut and combined to make MicroSoft®

b) Cut – i.e., Intellectual (smart) cut to make Intel® (smart computer chips)

c) Misdirect – Apple is a fruit, Isaac Newton symbol of an apple is equated with smart, and to make Apple® a smart computer company

d) Make up a word- i.e., Google

Create a list of possible trademarks using the rules above.

How To Trademark A Name, Logo, Register a Trademark a name (Trademark Logo)

How to get a Trademark? Next, once you have selected your Trademark using the section above file the trademark in 3 steps: gather your contact information and head over to USPTO and fill out a USPTO trademark application form at the USPTO and pay the Trademark application fee. Moreover, call us to prepare your trademark application.

Trademark brand name, brand name registration,

Protect Your Trademark a Name, Trademark Symbol, Trademark Slogan or Trademark Logo ASAP

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 Trademark Application- Trademark Logo

trademark application

How much does a Trademark Cost? Flat Fee Pricing

How much does it Cost to own a Trademark? Attorney time to prep a US federal trademark papers plus a $350/250 US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) filing fee for a single goods/service class. ~$975.  Moreover, for each additional trademark classification beyond the first is $150 attorney time (plus $350/250 additional filing fee and paralegal fee). ~$1075 per mark per class.  Time to prep: 1 week.  $975 if not in Use.

Trademark Costs/Fees

What is Intent to Use vs Use for a Trademark

“Use” Trademark’s (use is currently promoting the trade mark across state lines).  “Intent to Use” trademark applications plan to be using the trademark in the future.

What are Trademark Classifications?

Trademarks fall into one or more of 45 classes of goods and services description categories. Trademark Classifications

When can you use ® vs. TM/SM symbols?  If you claim rights in a mark that identifies a product, you may immediately use the “TM” designation to alert the public to your claim.  Whether or not you have filed a trademark application with the US Trademark Office. You may only use the federal registration symbol “®” after the federal US Trademark Office actually issues a registration.

Trademark Types

TM vs ® What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Use the TM symbol for new goods or services in advance of and during the trademark application process. Next, you may only use the federal registration symbol “®” after the federal US Trademark Office actually issues a registration.  This indicates that this word, phrase, or logo is a registered trademark for the product or service with the US Trademark Office (USPTO).

In addition, other trademarks categories, such as those based on color, smell,  sound, patterns. Moreover, any distinguishing attribute, such as the well-known characteristics of celebrities may be protected.  Furthermore, the essential function of trademarks is to exclusively identify the commercial source or origin of products or services identified by the mark.

What is a Service Mark? A service mark (SM) is a form of protection used to brand or promote a service being offered in the market place. Moreover, the terms “trademark” and “mark” often are used to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

What is a Trade Name? A business name is the name a business uses for commercial purposes. (The legal name is the name registered with the state secretary of state office, such as ____ Inc., LLC or Partnership)

What is Doing Business As? DBA (doing business as) is a name of a business other than the owner or proprietor’s name, or legal name such as Inc., LLC or Partnership of the business. Moreover, most jurisdictions require businesses operating with fictitious names to file a DBA statement for with the county or state.

Protect your Trademark Name, Trademark Symbol, Trademark Slogan or Trademark Logo ASAP.

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