How to create a Trademark (text) that is unique

How to create a TrademarkFirst steps in How to create a Trademark is selecting the text of a Trademark for your product or service:

1- List all descriptive words and synonyms that describe your product or service

2- Use the following rules to create a unique mark to identify your product or service


a) Cut & combine – i.e., Microcomputer & Software were cut and combined to make MicroSoft®

b) Cut – i.e., Intellectual (smart) cut to make Intel® (smart computer chips)

c) Misdirect – i.e., Apple a fruit, (Isaac Newton symbol of an apple is equated with smart) to make Apple® (a smart computer company)

d) Made up a word– i.e., Google

Create a list of possible trademarks (text) using the rules above.

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