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What is a US Patent Search?

  • A search to locate relevant or related applications to your invention, (the “prior art”). Lastly, in order to be patentable your invention must have a new part or element not found in prior art. Reviews the drawings and text of US applications to determine whether related to the scope of your invention.
  • A patent can only be awarded if your invention has not been made or disclosed before (New) and is not so closely similar to previous inventions (not Obvious).

How much does it cost to Search Patents?

  • How much is a Search? ~$450 to perform a US  search at the USPTO records room.  Plus provide you with copies of relevant prior art search references located during our search.  Incidentally, this is not an online search rather a search performed at the USPTO Office Search Room. Time 2 weeks.
  • How much is an Opinion? ~$600- 1000 to prepare a written patentability opinion.  Specifically, to read and analyze each patent located during the search. Then draft a patentability opinion letter comparing the elements of your invention to the elements in each patent located during the search (depends on the number of references).  Time 1-2 weeks.
  • Patent Search


How to  do a Patent Search?

However, it makes sense for you to perform an initial online searching of existing patents in the beginning.  Next, you will want to review the websites United States Patent Office or Google Patent Search. Specifically, it is advisable for every inventor to at least a preliminary search of US patents on their own, such as via Google search to review the elements found in the prior art. How to do a Search

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Why perform a US Search?

Definition-The act of checking whether a product or service has been patented by another company or individual.

There are many reasons why an inventor should spend time searching for existing patents.  Plus educating themselves about existing applications, which are similar or related to the inventor’s idea.  First, in order for your new idea to be patentable it must be new or novel.  To be new or novel, means you typically have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process that no other application contains.  Moreover, to know if you have a new part, element, feature, or step in a process you must research all of the relevant existing applications.

Specifically, where do you look?

Patent searchLook online, at USPTO website. Search US Patent Office Search to  to perform a US application search to see if your invention is already patented. Next, download pdf files of any relevant patents and identify their parts and features. Lastly, step back and compare your invention’s list of parts to the parts and features found during your research and determine whether you have a new part or feature.  If yes, you may have a new idea that can be protected.

Experienced & Affordable – Prior Art Search

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