10 easy Steps to do a US Patent Search

Performing a patent search is an important step in protecting your invention idea. Here are the steps you can follow to perform a search:

1- Keywords: Begin with thinking of a word, phrase, or words to use in a US patent application search that describe your Invention and its new features

2- Conduct a search: Use online patent databases, such as Go to one of the online search engines for searching existing patents and patent applications, such as USPTO search United States Patent Office or Google Search to conduct a search for patents that are related to your invention. You can also search for patents in other countries using their patent databases.

Patent Search Next Steps

3- Also, Enter your word, phrase, or words in the search window.  e.g., bed sheet strap system.

4- Then, Click button “Search”

5- See number of search results

Next Steps

6- Analyze the results: Review each patent and patent application by clicking each line item. Carefully review the patents that you have identified to determine whether they are relevant to your invention. Look for similarities between your invention and the patented invention, as well as any differences.

7- Moreover, For each patent- Review the Title, Abstract, and Drawings to see if the patent or patent application is relevant to your invention or idea.

8- If relevant, save a PDF of the Invention in a folder marked “Prior Art”

 Next Steps

9- Accordingly, print out each relevant patent and patent application.

10- Read each patent and patent application and use 2 colors of high lighter 1) highlight similar elements in each patent that are similar to the key feature(s) of your invention; and 2) highlight elements in each patent that are different or do something different than to the key feature(s) of your invention.

Refine your search: Once you have a list of relevant patents, refine your search by using keywords related to your invention. This will help you identify any patents that may be relevant but were not identified in your initial search.

Based on your analysis of the patents, determine whether your invention is patentable.

If you find a patent that is similar to your invention, you may need to modify your invention to make it sufficiently different.

If you do not find your primary elements of your invention or idea in the list of patent your invention may be a good candidate for a Provisional Patent Application.

Now you know how to do a preliminary patent search to check for similar patents  and patent application s that were filed before you.

Consult a Patent Attorney

If you are unsure about how to conduct a patent search or interpret the results, it is best to consult a patent attorney. A patent attorney can provide you with guidance on patentability and can help you navigate the patent application process.

~$450-1500– Let Grell & Watson a US patent firm with 15 years of experience assist you with performing a Professional Patent Search.

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