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Trademark Lawyer near me.  Patent Attorney near me

Patent Attorney near me
Patent Attorney
Trademark Lawyer near me
Patent Attorney Trademark Lawyer

Looking for Trademark Lawyer Patent Attorney

Protect a New Invention or Idea. Get to Patent Pending.  Patent Search. Apply for a Provisional Patent Application at USPTO.

Experienced & Affordable

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Looking for a Trademark Lawyer Patent Attorney

Trademark Search. Trademark a Name, Trademark Logo, Business Name, Trademark Slogan at USPTO

Experienced & Affordable

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Atlanta Patent Law Firm – Trademark Law Firm Atlanta

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a USPTO trademark search?2023-08-21T20:53:23+00:00
Can I trademark a business name, slogan or logo?2023-08-21T20:53:02+00:00

Yes, you can trademark a slogan or logo if it meets the requirements of distinctiveness and identifies your goods or services.

How to do a trademark business name search?2023-08-21T20:52:38+00:00
How can I protect my trademark?2023-08-21T20:54:42+00:00

You can protect your trademark by filing a trademark application and registering it with the appropriate trademark office. This helps establish your exclusive rights to use the trademark for your goods or services. Hire a Trademark Attorney near me.

What is the process for registering a trademark?2023-08-21T20:54:26+00:00

The process for registering a trademark involves filing an application with the trademark office, which includes providing a description of the mark, its classification, and evidence of its use in commerce.

How long does a trademark registration last?2023-08-21T20:53:56+00:00

Trademark registrations typically last for a periods of 10 years, and they can be renewed indefinitely as long as the mark continues to be used in commerce and remains distinctive.

How to find out if a brand name is taken?2023-08-21T20:55:33+00:00
How to see if a trademark is taken?2023-08-21T20:56:12+00:00
How to do a USPTO Patent Search?2023-08-21T20:56:50+00:00
What is the difference between a patent and a trademark?2023-08-21T20:57:24+00:00

A patent protects inventions or new processes, while a trademark protects brand names, logos, or symbols.

How much does it cost to hire a patent attorney near me?2023-08-21T20:57:56+00:00

US Provisional Application for Patent: Time to prep: 1 week ~$1100-2500.

How long does it take to obtain a patent?2023-08-21T20:58:29+00:00

US Regular Patent Application: ~2-4 weeks to prepare and 18 months for the US Patent Office to review. The time taken for a patent to be granted can vary, but it typically ranges from 2 to 3 years, depending on the complexity of the invention and the backlog of applications at the patent office.

What should I look for when hiring a patent attorney? How do I find a qualified and experienced patent lawyer?2023-08-21T20:59:18+00:00
What happens if my patent application is rejected?2023-08-21T20:59:51+00:00

90 % of patent applications are rejected in an Office Action from the US Patent Office.  Next step is to review with your patent attorney the reasoning for the rejection and amend claims to get around the rejections and/or present arguments of to support allowance of your patent.

How do I apply for a patent?2023-08-21T21:00:24+00:00

To apply for a patent, you need to file a patent application with the respective patent office in your country, providing a detailed description of your invention and its claims. Hire a Patent Lawyer.

What can be patented?2023-08-21T21:00:59+00:00

In general, inventions that are new, useful, and non-obvious can be patented. This includes machines, processes, compositions of matter, and new and useful improvements to existing inventions.

What happens if someone infringes on my patent or trademark?2023-08-21T21:01:29+00:00

If someone infringes on your patent or trademark, you may take legal action to enforce your rights, which can include obtaining injunctions, damages, or licensing agreements. Call a Patent and Trademark Lawyer to review your claims against the competing product to see if infringement is occurring.

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