10 Easy Steps to do a US Trademark Search

1- Begin with word, phrase, or whole word searches – go to USPTO Trademark Search website under Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

2- Also, Select – Basic Word Mark Search – US Trademark Search

3- Also, Enter your word, phrase, or whole word that you want to use to brand your product or service.  e.g., purefect

4- Click button “Submit Query”

5- See number of search results – 12 Results found in searching trademarks.  Question- Live/Dead?

6- Review each “Live” trademark and trademark application by clicking each line item.

7- Moreover, for each mark- Review the “Word Mark” – this is the text of a similar trademark.  Does this trademark have the same spelling as your desired mark?

8- For each trademark- Review the “Goods and Services” – this is the class the USPTO uses to identify goods and services for this trademark.  Does this mark have the same description of product or service as your desired trademark?  Tip: trademarks can exist together if not filed in the same class of goods.  Think of Delta faucets and Delta airlines.

9- Review the next trademark in the list.

10- Lastly, If the answer to question 8 & 9 above is no then this may be a good candidate for a Trademark Application.

Furthermore, now you know how to do a trademark search to check for similar marks that were filed before you.

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How to search a USPTO Trademark Search

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