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We provide inventor help.  To help you protect your new invention ideas we offer Inventor Start Kit a downloadable invention help products that include everything you need to start the process of protecting your invention idea.


Invention Ideas

The Kit is a digital download invention kit of easy to follow inventor information documents. Also includes inventor information & invention help, instructions, actual inventor kit samples, and your own ready to use invention kit forms.

Invention Help – Provisional Patent Forms

Moreover, for recording your invention ideas for your own safe keeping, evaluating the protect ability and marketability of your invention ideas. Also for performing patent search & trademark searches on your ideas, and market research relating to your new invention idea.


Step 1 – How to Patent your Idea Fast –  Inventor Start Kit Steps

Complete the form: At least have a Title, List of Parts (mark photos or drawings to identify parts by name); List of Advantages; Description of drawings, figures, photos, hand drawing. Generally, drawings, figures, photos should at least show i) whole view invention, ii) disassembled view of parts of invention, and iii) invention being used. Also, written summary of how parts are assembled. Summary of how invention is used. Lastly, describe the Problem and how your invention solves the Problem.

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