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patent application

3 Steps to Patent an Idea

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US Patent Application

US Regular Patent Application: Attorney time ~$4.5-12k (estimate) to prep a US patent application for a single embodiment invention; however, depends on complexity of your invention, number of drawings, and usefulness of any provisional application/written record of invention, plus a $550-~$1000 USPTO filing fee (depends on no. of claims, figures, total page count), and $100 per drawing draftsman charge. Moreover, I can only quote a range since I do not know the details of the invention. Time to prep: ~2-4 weeks

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How to get a Patent – How to Patent an Idea Invention – How to apply for Patent

  • prepare several drawings or pictures of prototypes are the best way to disclose an invention in a patent application
  • at least show i) whole view invention, ii) parts view of parts of invention, and iii) invention being used
  • label the parts or elements in each figure, drawing, or picture
  • write at least one paragraph, preferably more, describing what is shown in each figure, drawing, or picture
  • additionally, draft a summary of how parts are assembled
  • additionally, draft a summary of how invention is used
  • additionally, draft a summary of the problem being solved
  • lastly, draft a claim set

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What is a Patent Application?

  • A US Patent Application includes a specification, which includes a title, technical field, background, brief summary, brief description of the drawings, detailed description of the selected invention and  alternate ways to make the invention, one or more claims, an abstract, and one or more formal drawings of the invention.
  • Also, the drawings must show every feature of the invention in the claims section.
  • How long does a patent last? Patents in the US generally have a term of 20 years.

How to navigate the Three hurdles to Patentability

Usefulness means to have utility.  An invention must be capable of some beneficial use.

Next, Novelty means the invention must be new.  An invention, in general, is not new if it has been described in a printed publication, known or used by others, or has been in public use or on sale (what is known). If an invention is not new, then the invention is not patentable.

Moreover, Non-obviousness means if the differences between the invention sought to be patented and the prior art (what is known) are such that the invention as a whole would have been obvious to a person skilled in the subject matter of the invention then the invention is obvious and not patentable.  Furthermore, as an example obvious non patentable subject matter includes the following obvious changes substitution of one color for another, or changes in size, changes in material used are insignificant changes over what is known.

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Patent Application

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patent application

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patent application


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