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What is a Provisional Patent?

A Provisional Application for a patent is a temporary US patent application that lasts for a year, which does not mature into an issued US patent (not examined by the USPTO) unless further steps are taken by the applicant within twelve (12) months of filing the provisional application. Once filed you are patent pending and free to disclose, market, and sell the invention during this time period.  Such applications are designed to provide lower cost first patent filing by reducing the formal requirements, such as, not requiring formal drawings, claims, oath and declarations, or an information disclosure statement. However, if drafted properly (adequate technical written description and figures) the patent provisional application provides the inventor with an application priority date and “patent pending” status. Note a patent provisional must be converted to a non-provisional application within one year of the filing date to maintain priority based on the provisional filing.  Failure to file the non-provisional could result in loss of US patent rights, including a complete bar to obtaining a patent. Patent applications for a provisional are NOT examined by an Examiner at the USPTO.

The relevant USPTO statute that defines Provisional Patent requirement is 35 U.S.C 111(b), which says:


(1) AUTHORIZATION. A provisional application for patent shall be made or authorized to be made by the inventor, except as otherwise provided in this title, in writing to the Director. Such application shall include-

(A) a specification as prescribed by the first paragraph of section 112 of this title; and

(B) a drawing as prescribed by section 113 of this title.

Things to do before filing:

  • prepare several drawings or pictures of prototypes are the best way to disclose an invention in a patent application
  • at least show i) whole view invention, ii) disassembled view of parts of invention, and iii) invention being used
  • label the parts or elements in each figure, drawing, or picture
  • write at least one paragraph, preferably more, describing what is shown in each figure, drawing, or picture
  • draft a draft a summary of how parts are assembled
  • draft a summary of how invention is used
  • draft a summary of the problem being solved

How much does a Provisional Patent cost?

US Provisional Application: Attorney time ~ $990-1500 to prep the US Patent Office filing forms and efile your written description and figure(s), plus ~$130 USPTO filing fee. We will draft an Abstract, Alternate Embodiment Clause, Broad Interpretation Clause & a First Patent Claim of your invention. Time to prep: 1 week. Retainer of ~$990 which may be a flat fee.

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